• Australian College of Physical Education Pty Ltd (ACPE)

    ACPE is “Australia‚Äôs leading provider of specialist undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the related disciplines of sport, dance, and physical education”.

    The Complete Relocation of a Sydney Sports College

    Egans moved ACPE from Figtree Drive to Parkview Drive, New South Wales.

    The relocation took place in 3 stages:

    Stage 1 Relocation

    • Library
    • Administration
    • Stationary Room
    • Reception
    • Boardroom
    • Kitchen

    Stage 2 Relocation

    • Ground Level
    • Level One
    • Gymnasium
    • Science Lab

    Stage 3 Relocation

    • Hall
    • Sports Room
    • Dance Studio

    The removals work included library pack/unpack and IT disconnect/reconnect.

    The Challenge

    Moving an entire sports college involves multiple types of assets and industry specific equipment. The combination of personal computers, science lab equipment, libraries, and gymnasiums, requires a developed set of specific labour skills.

    “Its not just moving an office, this type of move involves a multidisciplinary set of skills with the right equipment” according to one of Egans Supervisors on the job, Ben Fogarty.

    “You also have some very fragile items; IT, Lab equipment, you have to know what you are doing to complete the move efficiently and without collateral damage” says Egans workstation relocation specialist, Brett Lockwood.

    A Success

    The move was smooth and successful with minimal downtime for ACPE. With a shift in thinking, we relocated a sports college without disruption to the college or their students. This allowed ACPE to continue doing what they do best, give their students a competitive advantage in the job market.