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    Coverforce “provides your business with a wealth of experience in risk management and insurance broking services. From general broking advice to in-depth risk management services, the team at Coverforce strives to provide you with the ultimate in customer care.”

    Dismantle, Reconfigure, and Re-install

    Egans relocated workstations and associated office furniture for Coverforce from Collins Street to St Kilda Road in Melbourne. The move included the dismantle, reconfigure, and re-installation of workstations.

    19 Workstations were moved from Collins Street to St Kilda Road and reconfigured according to the new floor plan. In addition, 18 workstations at the St Kilda Road office were reconfigured into a 16 seat configuration.

    Wise Office Furniture

    Egans works with second hand workstations day in and day out through our Wise Office Furniture Program. In 2015 we dismantled, relocated, stored, reconfigured, and reinstalled over 3000 office workstations across Australia. It’s a niche set of skills that we have honed for almost 2 decades. Our expertise in this area are unmatched in the industry.

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    Words from Coverforce

    Dear James,

    I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you and all of the fantastic Egan’s staff for their assistance in moving our City Office into our St Kilda Road Office over 3 days in early June. As you know the job included dismantling and reformatting a large number of work stations which was done exactly to plan.

    As you know we had a recent very poor experience with another relocation company and Egan’s has restored my faith in the industry. From day one your people were courteous, competitive and professional and when it came to the crunch they delivered!

    Regards, Jim