• Denizo PTY Ltd

    A Small Window of Opportunity

    The challenging part of this move was a very tight time frame. Adequate preparation was essential. Egans began the move at 6pm on the Friday night and the staff were up and running in their new premises at 181 William Street by Monday morning.

    It was a successful corporate removal from the famous Rialto Towers in the heart of Melbourne to the premium boutique office tower, 181 Williams Street. The Rialto building has 36 passenger lifts, 95 km of lift cables, 706 lift door openings, and 1,450 staircase steps. It was the tallest building in Australia when it was first built in 1986.

    What The Move Involved

    • 607 lineal metres were packed, moved, and unpacked
    • Close to 150 personal computers were disconnected, relocated, and reconnected
    • The move utilised 200 Egans boxes and 1000 Egans security crates
    • Over 100 chairs were moved