• Impact Investment Group

    Impact Investment Group “combines the best of both capital and values-based investment principles to create a triple bottom line – good financial, social and environmental returns.”

    The company’s social and environmental values led them to choose a sustainable Wise Office Furniture approach to the disposal of warehouse assets.

    Sustainable Warehouse Removal and Disposal

    We removed and sustainably disposed all contents from a warehouse for Impact Investment Group.

    When a business has redundant assets that require liquidation, they need a quick, easy, and sustainably minded option.

    Our ‘Wise office furniture Program’ offers a streamlined solution for business disposal with a unique classification system.

    • Retail (has commercial value / can help to offset the cost of removal)
    • Wholesale (salable in large volumes at low value)
    • Recycle (no value / broken down into raw materials and recycled).

    Our expert asset assessors categorise  your business assets on site before removal. The assets are then filtered through the appropriate channels directly, avoiding double handling.

    Once all assets have been sold and/or recycled, a transparent environmental impact report is presented detailing the fate of each individual asset and materials including percentage breakdowns and visual charts.

    It’s this auditable report that aligns with the corporate social responsibility values of many Australian businesses. Our sustainable process is why we are used by government bodies, corporations, and educations institutions nationally.