• Pulteney Grammar School

    Pulteney Grammar School is “a dynamic and inclusive city school community that inspires, challenges and empowers for tomorrow.”

    The School engaged Egans to clear a building due for demolition. The building housed several classrooms, the school archives, and the school library.

    Moving The School Library

    Our staff systematically packed, moved and unpacked the school library, including diverting designated volumes to archive and disposal. The library pack and unpack occurred while students were onsite, so our staff used the greatest consideration and courtesy whilst we performed our work.

    Moving The Archives

    With the school in operation since 1847, the archives is home to a range of interesting, old, and quite delicate artifacts and historical records. These precious items were relocated with the utmost care. The archives were housed within several compactus units which we disassembled and reassembled to complete the relocation.

    A Two Stage Move

    We moved all items to temporary locations before the final relocation because of the demands of building logistics. As you can tell from the photos, this environment required patience and flexibility in working around not only the usual trades, but students, parents, and teachers as well.

    High Standard of Care

    All works were completed to our high standard of care, with no assets misplaced, damaged,  or compromised.

    "Because of the time frames imposed, it was crucial to relocate the Library, learning areas and the Archives in a very planned and considered way. I found Marcus’ input to the whole project a great help and the flexibility he afforded was absolutely needed. The crew, led by Ash, were very professional, sometimes moving furniture in highly populated situations and always very courteous with the school community. I took great confidence in their work and highly valued the service Egans gave."

    Chris Cartwright ‎- Pulteney Grammar