• Relocating Staff Home for Government and Business

    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Egans continue to relocate thousands of employees home to work across Australia. We pack and move everything from personal computers to files, personal belongings, chairs, desks and storage units. We supply furniture where required from our circular Wise Office Furniture Program for purchase or lease.

    Egans recently picked up and distributed 245 staff PCs to 245 homes for a legal firm in under 3 days. We are currently systematically packing and delivering 280 staff office setups to 280 homes for a city council. We work off a list to prepare each staff requirement (PC, chair, desk, etc), consolidate into a central area (office lobby) and deliver from site.

    We calculate the most efficient routes before grouping packages for delivery according to suburb. Items are packed to Egans best practice, ensuring damage free deliveries.