• Target – Relocation and Refit

    Moving Staff to Williams Landing

    We meticulously dismantled, moved, and stored workstations for Target so they might be easily reused at a later date. Well, that time is now!

    We get very excited when we can assist Australian business to plan ahead and manage their assets in the most efficient manner.

    Stage 1 – Temporary Office

    We moved 94 workstations that we had previously placed in storage for Target at their Geelong location to a temporary office in Williams landing.

    Our next step will be to move staff from the Geelong office to the temporary setup in Willams Landing.

    Stage 2 – New Office

    When the new office is ready, we will relocate, reconfigure, and reinstall the existing workstations from the Geelong office into the new office at Williams Landing.

    Proceeding this, Egans will move staff from their temporary office at Williams Landing into their new office at Williams Landing. We will then relocate the temporary workstations back into storage for reuse at a later date.

    Storage Saves Time and Money

    Storing workstations and associated office furniture that you no longer require can be very handy for when your business is on the move. It allows for temporary setups that minimise staff downtime, keeping your business active throughout your move.