• The University of Sydney

    The University of Sydney is “finding ways to operate more sustainably through a range of practical strategies”. They have “prioritised energy and water consumption, waste management, recycling and transport as key areas for improvement”.

    As part of ongoing recycling and transport works for The University of Sydney, we dismantled and relocated workstations and associated office furniture to various points on Campus including storage. The work included the sustainable supply and installation of second hand workstations and associated office furniture through our WISE program.

    Furniture Relocated and Reconfigured

    • 68 office chairs
    • 26 office workstation desks
    • 2 meeting tables
    • 1 bookshelf

    Furniture Relocated and Recycled

    • 11 Workstations

    Furniture Dismantled, Relocated and Stored

    • 4 storage units
    • 23 chairs
    • 6 workstations
    • 1 table

    Furniture Supplied and Installed Through WISE

    • 8 Zenith Rumba workstations
    • 4 Schiavello workstations
    • 2 mobile storage pedestals
    • 1 meeting table

    Other Educational Institutions

    Egans provides ongoing sustainable removals, storage, recycling, and fitouts for Educational institutions across Australia.

    We work with The University of Adelaide, Pulteney Grammar School, Latrobe University, Australian College of Physical Education, and Victoria University.