Our Packing Guidelines for Moving Your Office

  • pushing moving crates

    Here are our packing guidelines for your office move. The success of your move depends on how well you prepare and on how well you pack and label your goods.

    Checklist for Move Day

    • Have you booked your lifts at both locations?
    • Have you booked your loading docks at both locations?
    • Have you labeled your crates/boxes and furniture?
    • Have you packed your personal belongings?
    • Have you backed up and shutdown your computer?
    • Do your staff know what is expected of them on move day?

    Destination Number

    • You will be allocated a number that pertains specifically to your new work point.
    •  Only use this number on all labels. You may wish to place an additional label on the item with information for you own reference. EG: Crate 1/3 John Citizen
    • Write your entire destination number on your label pertaining to the level and work point number that you are moving to. For example if you are moving to level 16 wp 009 write on your label 16.009.


    • Egans supply special adhesive labels which can be affixed to any surface without leaving any residue when peeled off.
    • Press label on firmly to ensure it sticks!

    How to Fill in a Label

    • We have pre-labelled your crates, you can just write your destination number on the label located on the end of the crate.
    • We strongly encourage you to use large, clear print with a bold permanent marker.
    • If you are neat and clear with your labelling, your items are far more likely to be delivered to their correct location, it makes everybody’s job easier!
    • Do not affix labels to the red cover or the bottom part of the crate.

    Crates and Packing

    • Egans crates have internal rails specifically designed for suspension files.
    • If you are packing items other than suspen­sion files, you need to make sure that the crate lid is easily closable.
    • Do not over pack crates so the lid cannot be easily closed.
    • Each staff member is allocated a specific number of crates to pack personal desk items and files.

    If you cannot fit your items into these crates please seek the advice of your Team Leader, or Property Operations.

    • Do not overload. Use multiple crates for heavy items.
    • Every 4 crates have an allocation of one skate.
    • Pack the first crate while on a skate.
    • Label and secure the first crate.
    • Place the next empty crate on top of the first full crate, pack and label.
    • Continue until you have stacked three crates high. (Do not stack more than 4 high)

    Unpacking Crates after your Move

    • Please immediately proceed to unpack your crates after the move.
    • Egans crates are not available for long term stor­age unless by prior arrangement.
    • Hire Charges apply for crates that are not available for collection within two weeks of move day.

    Computers and Other Electrical Equipment

    Do not place any computer items in your crates. Do not pack the mouse, keyboard or cables, etc in your crates.


    • Only furniture items approved will be moved. Check with your Team Leader if you think you need a piece of furniture relocated.
    • Pack up the contents of all drawers and cupboards completely as they are not being moved with you and you will not be able to return to check them.


    If unsure please direct any questions to your team leader.