After Your Move

The business of moving

Office relocations

  • Secure Document and Data Destruction

    A top priority in today’s commercial environment is Privacy and to protect Company Information.

    • A range of secure bins and disposal services are available to meet business requirements.

    Site clean up and rubbish removal

    Rubbish removal is unavoidable in any office relocation – both at the new and old sites.

    • Collection and recycling of all types of office stationary products
    • Rubbish removal and sorting for recycle
    • Vacuum
    • General cleaning

    NOTE: For a smoother relocation and reduction in relocation costs take the opportunity to clear out old files and stationary that is no longer required before the relocation.

    Asset Disposal

    Egans is the industry leader in disposing of FF&E assets no longer required – either through resale or recycling – from small numbers to several thousand.

    Our goal is to minimise landfill and maximise vendor value and, as part of our service, we provide detailed landfill avoidance reports.


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