Corporate removals

The business of moving

Relocation tips

  • Consider all the services required.
  • Phone and Internet (often Telstra).
  • Utilities.
  • Australia Post – Mail redirection.
  • IT infrastructure.
  • Server relocation and setup.
  • PC relocation – reconnection, configuration and testing.
  • Leased equipment – check with your supplier: some leased equipment (Photocopiers, Printers, etc) may need to be relocated by your supplier.
  • Information packs for your staff about the new site and surrounding area.
  • New building security and access arrangements – how to use swipe cards or dongles.
  • Emergency / Fire evacuation procedures.
  • Local cafes and restaurants.
  • Parking.
  • Public transport options.
  • Make good – what do you need to do to hand back your existing premise?