Values Nomination

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    Use this webform to nominate an Egans employee who demonstrates our values.


    Value Creation

    • Deliver the best outcomes, quality and value for money.
    • Create value by understanding customer needs and thinking differently to find solutions.
    • Complete our work efficiently, dependably and at the highest level of service.


    • Treat each other and our customers professionally and equitably.
    • Embrace diversity, be flexible and accommodating.
    • Be supportive, collaborate and seek to understand.


    • Improve our processes, outcomes and experiences through research and refinement.
    • Provide market and thought leadership by finding solutions to client and industry problems.
    • Explore new ideas and never stop looking for better ways to doing things.


    • Deliver the most sustainable outcomes for our clients and ourselves.
    • Follow best practice sustainability.
    • Drive greener actions and commit to reuse and proper recycling.
  • Carmela R

    Great customer service and went out of their way to help me find the right office chair I needed to work from home. Would recommend! 👍

  • Guilherme Obrownick

    Great team.
    Very mindful with the items and fast workers.

  • Anthony Flood

    Professional & Efficient .
    Great to deal with .
    One of the great places to source .
    modern commercial upcycled high level architect & designer including big name manufacturers of current useful general office & high level executive furniture including workstations .

  • Christina Ellis

    My husband and I bought a great quality couch at a mere fraction of the original price. I don't believe we would have found a better deal anywhere else!

  • Release My Super

    Helpful staff in the furniture department every time we visit.