• Children’s Hospital

    30,000 Assets

    When the Royal Children’s Hospital decided to relocate to a new state of the art development, they needed to sell over 30,000 remaining assets at the old hospital within a very short time frame and remove unsaleable residual assets prior to demolition.

    The hospital appointed Egans Asset Management for this mammoth task which would turn out to be one of the biggest single auctions in Melbourne’s history.

    Egans successfully managed to sell off the volume in the given time frame while generating a significant flow of charitable cash with all proceeds going to the Royal Children’s Hospital Fund.

    Resale Value

    Many auction houses would have jumped at the opportunity to sell off the expensive equipment left over from the old hospital. The true challenge was taking the holistic approach, managing the remaining 90% of assets that had little to no resale value.

    Egans sold the valuable equipment via tender, the less saleable furniture and medical equipment via public onsite auction and the catering equipment through Egans Online Auction. The end of life goods were brought back to Egans and stripped down to their raw materials and recycled. It’s this six star rated process that sets Egans apart from the field and creates these huge success stories. The process of re-using, re-selling and recycling.

    Egans does this day in and day out for clients from various industries creating the only economical and environmentally sustainable method for dealing with large quantities of assets over a short period of time. A major part of our success lies in our ability to track every item moved and provide an environmental report at the end of the process for our clients.