Don’t lift a finger

Egans has a range of flexible and cost effective managed corporate storage options for all types of goods. Read our storage Terms and Conditions here.

  • Corporate storage

    Corporate Storage, or Managed Storage, maximises asset use and minimises storage costs. We pick up the goods and return them when required. Our online virtual storeroom enables corporate customers to easily view stored assets and order their retrieval, redistribution to other sites or disposal when necessary

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  • Warehousing & distribution

    We provide warehousing and distribution logistics for all types of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) throughout Australia.

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  • Business Storage Managed Online

    Our managed storage for business can be managed online with the click of a mouse. View, move and order pickups and deliveries from the comfort of your office through our online portal.

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  • We sell boxes and packaging

    We sell the complete range of boxes and packaging required for storage, moving and business relocations and can deliver at times convenient to the client.

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  • Online cloud based storage

    We simplify the process of storing, cataloging, and managing office furniture, enabling businesses to optimise their space and resources efficiently.

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  • Security

    Our facilities are highly secure and equipped with 24-hour monitored security and CCTV. Security checks of the Facilities are completed regularly. .

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