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Thank you for supporting the Wise Office Furniture Program. You are now part of the WISE economy, keeping office assets in use that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Once your order is made, an Egans representative will contact you to confirm your order and arrange payment and pickup / delivery.

Please be aware that delivery is not included in the purchase price and will be quoted upon order.

All stock is in ‘not new’ condition unless stated otherwise. Inspections prior to sale are welcome.

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  • Guilherme Obrownick

    Great team.
    Very mindful with the items and fast workers.

  • Anthony Flood

    Professional & Efficient .
    Great to deal with .
    One of the great places to source .
    modern commercial upcycled high level architect & designer including big name manufacturers of current useful general office & high level executive furniture including workstations .

  • Erz Imam

    My go to place for the past 6 years. Wide range of high quality second hand office furniture - chairs, desks, mobile pedestals. You name it. Egans have it.

  • Christina Ellis

    My husband and I bought a great quality couch at a mere fraction of the original price. I don't believe we would have found a better deal anywhere else!

  • Brendo G

    Lost my belongings in an office move.

    Edit : you guys followed up and found it. Thank you.