• Cumberland City Council Library Relocation

    Egans relocated the Granville Library for Cumberland City Council in New South Wales. The large library comprised books, DVDs, CD’s, pamphlets, and magazines.

    The new library configuration was vastly different from the old location and most shelves needed adjusting to accommodate the assets.

    The move required a sequential pack and unpack which can be complicated and time-consuming without adequate experience. Egans have spent 24 years honing our library relocation skills allowing us to pack, move, and unpack 15,000 assets in 4 days utilising 133 labour hours.

    Egans supervisor Blake Parker managed the job. Blake is from Wales and has a removalist background. He was chosen to supervise this particular job because of his excellent problem-solving abilities and installation skills, considering the shelving needed to be reconfigured. Blake ensured the best outcome for Cumberland City Council by maximising our resources through extensive pre-planning and process streamlining.

    The council commended Egans for our professionalism and problem-solving abilities. Well done team!