• Meinhardt Group

    Meinhardt Group “with over 42 offices worldwide, provides engineering consulting capabilities in Civil & Infrastructure, Planning & Urban Development, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering, Project Management, Water & Environment”.

    Office and ICT Relocation

    Egans relocated offices for Meinhardt from Queen Street to Waymouth Street in Adelaide.

    The move included;

    • 170 Crates
    • 20 cartons
    • 24 ICT – PC set with standard monitor
    • 10 Monitors with stands
    • 26 phone hand sets
    • 1 server
    • 1 UPS
    • 5 Comms boxes
    • 1 large TV
    • ICT periphials
    • 28 clerical chairs
    • Lounge furniture
    • Storage furniture
    • White goods

    Environmental Disposal

    Through our Wise Office Furniture Program, we removed redundant assets for Meinhardt for resale and recycle. The program runs a retail, wholesale, recycle mandate allowing business to recoup some of the cost involved in the disposal of workstations and associated office furniture. Furniture with no retail or wholesale value is broken down to it’s raw materials and recycled.

    In Meinhardt’s case, we were able to recoup costs for the business for the majority of their redundant furniture through our wholesale avenues. The rest of the unwanted assets were recycled. Meinhardt is committed to sustainability through their environmentally sustainable designs. They “pursue sustainability in a fundamental way by looking at how their designs and solutions will impact the environment.”