• University of New South Wales | Circular Fitout

    The University of New South Wales (UNSW) engaged Egans for a circular refurbishment of the F23 Mathews building security room that was being used for temporary storage.

    The goal was to create seating for 31 staff by using as much of the university’s existing furniture as possible and without buying new furniture.

    Egans works closely with UNSW on an ongoing mission to reduce landfill and ultimately achieve a zero-waste economy, keeping business assets in the circular economy.

    The university has a ‘commitment to close the loop by minimising waste, improving resource efficiency and managing waste responsibly’. They have a target to maintain general waste landfill diversion at 90%+.

    In just 1 quarter, Q3 2021/22, our circular model diverted 3018 kilograms from landfill for UNSW and saved the University $14,796 over buying new furniture.

    In this instance, Egans supplied and installed 31 chairs, storage units and workstations. 20 workstation bases were sourced  through the Egans / UNSW Furniture Reuse Program and the remaining furniture to match came from our circular program.

    The Furniture Reuse Program is a ‘sustainable way to manage used furniture at UNSW by minimising waste, improving resource efficiency and managing waste responsibly. The program enables all UNSW faculties, departments and organisations to reuse valuable furniture across our campuses through an OpenCart system, with an intuitive interface, smart stock management and delivery tracking’.

    The circular economy is set to add $210 billion in present value to the Australian economy by 2048.