• University of New South Wales – Paddington Library Relocation and Recycle

    The University of New South Wales decommissioned the old library building at their Paddington campus since refurbishments had been completed on a new and modern facility.

    Rooms in the old library building were transformed into meeting, work and presentation headquarters for Massive Action Sydney – a collaboration between Massive Change Network and UNSW Sydney.


    Stage 1

    Egans removed the old furniture including over 100 bays of library shelving. The majority of the old furniture was relocated to the Kensington main campus library.

    Stage 2

    EgansĀ  relocated furniture from other areas of the university into the rooms and setup as per the universities requirements, resulting in a functional updated workspace.


    Following our 7-element circular economy model, Egans was able to recycle furniture no longer suitable for campus reuse.


    The university’s Environmental Sustainability Plan includes the goal Resource Efficiency which involves conserving resources by reducing consumption, prioritising reuse and managing waste responsibly.

    Out of 4.5 tonnes of unsuitable furniture, only 2.7 tonnes were taken to landfill, having no other recovery options, with the balance recycled.