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Stock ready furniture

  • Our office workstations are in stock which means that there is no lead time required to manufacture the workstation desks and we can supply and install within a very short time frame.

    • In stock now
    • No lead time
    • Ready to deliver and install
    • Commercial grade
    • Environmental benefits
    • Cost savings

    Because our workstations are sourced through our Wise Office Furniture Program, we do not need to order our inventory from a warehouse before delivery and installation. The furniture is flat packed at our premises and ready to go.

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    It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours to pick our furniture for delivery depending on the quantity of workstation seats required. Our inventory is accurately tracked through our database so that we know exactly what we have on hand and the location of each item. Andrew Miller, our stock and warehouse manager is meticulous when it comes to inventory management and runs a very tight ship.

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    Our unique supply chain means that we are the only company in Australia that can offer next day delivery and installation for office workstations and associated furniture.

  • Santhosh Bandaru

    Best place to buy office furniture very reasonable and affordable

  • Sean Gonzalez

    I went to Egans in Footscray last weekend and both Mathias and Alexandro were soo much help. They went above and beyond for me, which I really appreciate.

    If you are looking for office furniture I would highly recommend this place, 5 stars from me!

    Great work guys!

  • Anthony Flood

    Professional & Efficient .
    Great to deal with .
    One of the great places to source .
    modern commercial upcycled high level furniture specified by architects & interior designers ex corporate fit outs . Including big name manufacturers of current useful general office & high level executive furniture including workstations .