Full service IT relocations

  • Our IT experts will disconnect, relocate and reassemble your existing desktop infrastructure using technology specific equipment. We cooperate closely with your IT department to ensure your computer network and IT infrastructure are up and running in time.

    We offer:

    • Specialised handling of sensitive server parts and racks.
    • Specialised handling of photocopiers, MFDs, and printers.
    • Disconnection, transportation, and reconnection of PCs.
    • Installation of monitor arms.

    Computers will be relocated in specialist IT cages. Innovative and sustainable felt covers protect all monitors in transit. Keyboards, cabling, loose and peripheral items are kept safe in keyboard bags.

  • computer trollies in office

    IT relocation equipment


  • Sean Gonzalez

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    If you are looking for office furniture I would highly recommend this place, 5 stars from me!

    Great work guys!

  • Carmela R

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    Great team.
    Very mindful with the items and fast workers.

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