Office furniture


We configure to your floorplans

  • Configuration options

    We cater to all configuration requirements from L-shaped workstations, to straight and back-to-back workstations, to 120-degree pods.

    Egans has an option to suit your requirements. Provide us your floor plan and we will recommend the system options that are suitable.

    Send us your floor plan >

    We have an extensive range of styles and types  including panel based, storage based and desk-based systems. Some standard dimensions are:

    • Straight desk configurations include widths of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1800mm and 2100mm.
    • L-shaped workstations generally range from 1500mm by 1500mm through to 2100mm by 2100mm. These dimensions can be varied as required for customisation purposes.
  • Floorplan and Layout services

    If you do not have a floor layout prepared, we can help.

    We’ll prepare your floorplan using design software enabling you to explore options to get the most out of your new office layout.

    We can even come to site and measure up.

  • 600X600-PAGE-IMAGES27

    120° – Configuration

  • 600X600-PAGE-IMAGES28

    Cross – Configuration

  • 600X600-PAGE-IMAGES29

    H – Configuration

  • Refurbish and Reupholster

    Our stocked workstations can be reupholstered and powder coated to suite your design scheme and corporate colours.

    Egans can also reupholster and powder coat existing workstations to suit your new office environment.

  • Power and Data

    Egans supply soft-wiring componentry (power & data) for your electrician/data technician to fit. Cable reticulation is generally via cable tray under the worktop or through ducting within the screen.

    NOTE: We do not lay or install power and data.
    If you do not have an electrician, we can refer you to or organise a reputable company to carry out the works.

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