Why buy Office Furniture From Our ‘WISE’ Program

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    Product Stewardship

    Potential solid waste resulting from disposal of redundant office furniture is now widely acknowledged as a significant environmental challenge.

    Egans have developed an environmental stewardship program to address this growing problem. The program is hierarchical and the completion of each stage gives the go ahead for the next. It can be scaled to accommodate individual products through to large consignments of office assets.

    The ‘Wise Office Furniture‘  program assists corporations and government departments who have an interest in an environmental and financial outcome for the disposal of their business.  The program is an attempt to extend the operational life of assets through multilevel selling platforms allowing for the highest possible financial return with no limit on volume.

    Egans environmental stewardship program operates within the following three hierarchical levels:


    The best form of recycle is reuse because it has minimal impact on the environment. Egans offers managed storage as the first point of call in our program. Assets can saved to be reused at a later date when required and space is available.


    Assets are ranked as Gold, Silver, Bronze.

    Gold Assets are resold online onsite if possible reducing the cost of relocation.  eBay is often a viable solution for some of these assets.

    Last month there were roughly 20,000 unique visitors to Egans eBay store, that’s a busy store if you were to imagine they were people walking around looking at your furniture!

    eBay Australia has 8,500,000 unique daily browsers!

    Egans Online auctions through eBay offer:

    • Greater exposure
    • A piece of furniture is sold every six seconds
    • There are literally no geographical boundaries with online auctions
    • Online auctions save time, money and hassle
    • Online auctions appeal to busy people who don’t have time to stand around at an auction
    • More bidders take part at the auction
    • Time is irrelevant, Online bids take place at any time, 24/7

    We also hand pick high quality assets for our retail workstation and associated office furniture stock to be refurbished and resold at a later date.

    Dealer Network Consignment Tender

    Where there are long runs of similar categories of furniture where Egans deem there to be interest from the second hand furniture dealer network, these items are cataloged and RFP’s  issued accordingly.  Again this eliminates the cost of transport for items.

    Public Auction

    The majority of the Silver items constitutes the bulk of the salable assets.  Auction is acknowledged as being

    the preferred method of processing the sale of bulk quantities in a tighter time frame.


    In circumstances where no interest is shown from the market (including charity) we engage our split-waste recycle approach. This results in maximization of recycled soft plastics, hard plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, metals etc.

    Tracking and Reporting

    We produce a report to our clients showing the percentage breakdown of each of these recyclables and this renders a percentage for landfill avoidance.