• City of Stonnington

    The City of Stonnington ‘wants you and future generations to enjoy a cleaner, safer and better environment. They manage factors that influence the health and sustainability of the community and build sustainability into planning and delivering facilities and services’.


    As part of their refurbishment project, the City of Stonnington engaged Egans to sustainably remove redundant furniture at Prahran town hall through our circular Wise Office Furniture Program which maximizes reuse and diverts as much material from landfill as possible.


    “Most of the furniture within the town hall was very old and definitely at the end of its life cycle. It was impressive COS used the furniture for as long as they did. To divert more than 5 ton of material from landfill on this project is a great effort, and something The City of Stonnington should be very proud of”

    Ben Hart,
    Business Development Manager