• Assets with no commercial sale value are broken down into their component materials to recover resources that can be made into new products. We continue to invest heavily in developing processes to enable assets to be efficiently and effectively reduced to their material components for reuse and to minimise landfill.

    Our processing and reporting of recyclable and non-recyclable materials is helping to influence FF&E product manufacturers to make products that can be dismantled and fully recycled.

    Resource recovery

    We breakdown assets into their material components and distribute them to our recycler network to be made into new products. If Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) are not handled this way, they cannot be recycled effectively.

    Materials such as steel and aluminium are obvious income earners that many recycling companies will happily take. However, Egans does not stop there – extracting and recycling all possible materials, even those with a neutral or additional financial cost.


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    Although our aim is for zero landfill, some materials still end up there – either because they cannot currently be recycled or are constructed in such a way they cannot be economically separated out.

    We are continuously looking for new recycling avenues or to improve methods of separating materials for recycling to reduce the need for landfill.