• Spotlight

    Spotlight is a ‘family owned and operated Australian business with stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We employ more than 6,700 team members who are dedicated to providing the best quality, service, price and expertise in fabrics, craft and homewares to our millions of customers each year’.

    Spotlight is a part of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO), ‘a commitment by governments and industry to the sustainable design, use and recovery of packaging. It is the voluntary component of a co-regulatory model designed to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging by encouraging improvements in packaging design, higher recycling rates and better stewardship of packaging’.

    In light of their commitment to sustainability, Spotlight engaged Egans for the removal of workstations and associated office furniture for disposal via reuse and responsible recycling through our circular economy business model and Wise Office Furniture asset disposal program.

    We placed over 2000 assets through the program for Spotlight. 60% are designated for reuse and 40% for recovery through split waste recycle.

    The consignment includes:

    • Office workstations
    • Under desk storage units
    • Chairs
    • Desks
    • Tables
    • Monitor arms
    • Tambour cabinets
    • White goods
    • Breakout furniture
    • Miscellaneous

    In total 17.7 tons of split waste recycle will be recovered and saved from landfill.