• BP Australia | Melbourne Office Modernisation Project

    BP Australia engaged Egans to assist with the consolidation of 400 staff at 717 Bourke street and the relocation of 270 staff from Latrobe Street to 717 Bourke Street.

    Technology Storage, Relocation and Installation

    The modernisation project included upgrading the company’s technology infrastructure. Egans received, unpacked and stored 1200 new personal computers at our Melbourne Wise facility, ready for delivery and installation. Upon delivery to BP Australia’s Melbourne office, we installed and connected all 1200 monitors, keyboards and personal computers.

    Staff Relocation

    Egans consolidated 400 staff (boxes and furniture) internally at Bourke Street and moved 270 staff (boxes and furniture) from Latrobe Street into Bourke Street.

    Sustainable Disposal: A Wise Circle

    BP Australia ‘supports efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging – both BP-branded and non-BP-branded – across their supply chain. Their APC action plan is based on the covenant’s goals and key performance indicators. It also focuses on design, recycling and product stewardship’.

    We disconnected and removed all redundant technology and personal computers from both office locations. 100% of the ICT equipment was resold back into the market and all packaging from the new computers was split waste recycled through our circular Wise Office Furniture Program. The proceeds from the resale (minus commission) were given back to BP Australia, offsetting the cost of their technology upgrade.