Could Your Office Go Off-Grid?

  • solar picnic tables

    You might not be able to go entirely off-grid just yet, but most offices and institutions can come closer than you might think. Take Appalachian State University in the US for example, who boast solar powered picnic tables with wireless charging, USB ports and actual outlets.

    Westpac’s office fit-out in the International Tower Two at Barangaroo has been named the greenest office in Australia with a 6-Star Green Star Interiors rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and more Green Stars than any other Australian building. The fit-out has a metering system that monitors major energy and water usage, and was built with sustainable reused / recycled materials.

    Architecture & Design have called RMIT”s Academic Street Project a “bold example of re-use” when they transformed buildings from the 1960’s into sustainable functional spaces.

    Fluid Solar House’s four-story office building is completely off-grid. The Adelaide headquarters are powered by solar panels and wind turbines.

    Fluid Solar offers space in the building to start-up companies in the area.



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