Sustainable Office Furniture

  • Sustainable office furniture

    Egans sells and rents sustainable office furniture. We do not have new furniture for sale. The furniture comes from our Wise Office Furniture Program and circular economy business model. You can learn more about circular economies from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The items you buy or rent from Egans are either reused, refurbished, re-engineered or up-cycled.

    The office furniture we resell is segmented into 3 categories:

    • Gold – retail furniture which can be ordered online,
    • Silver – furniture not suitable for corporate fitouts which we resell through auctions online and onsite), and
    • Bronze – one-off items that we re-purpose, refurbish, up-cycle and finally recycle as a last resort.

    For furniture to be truly sustainable, it must be renewable, making several circles of use. Once all parts have been exhausted, the furniture goes back to the manufacturer in the form of raw materials to be made into something new. The carbon footprint at each stage of the process must be minimised and eventually brought back to zero, from transport to manufacturing.

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