Asset disposal


  • Services

    We work with companies and their various stakeholders to determine key priorities, drivers and requirements for dealing with surplus assets. The consultancy process assists companies in evaluating and identifying their asset disposal requirements and provides a full range of available options.

    • WISE Evaluation – a comprehensive Evaluation of assets for disposal
    • Valuations – standard Going Concern or Liquidation assets
    • Disposal method options and recommendations
    • Transport and Logistics pricing options and recommendations
    • Asset Mapping and Condition reports

    WISE Evaluation

    A full and detailed evaluation of a companies surplus assets identifying the companies and stakeholders priorities and drivers, reuse options, sale options and value, recycling requirements, transport and logistics requirements and reporting needs.


    Our valuation service provides traditional valuation of company’s assets for sale. We have extensive experience in the auction and second hand market and provide two types of valuations:

    • Liquidation – where assets are to be disposed
    • Going Concern – where the value is to be determined as a going concern.
  • Disposal method options and recommendations

    The available methods of disposal are determined and recommendations on the most efficient and effective means of disposal. These include building and tenancy requirements, transport methodology, sale value optimisation, resource recovery for recycle options and methods for maximum landfill avoidance.

    Transport and Logistics pricing options and recommendations

    The disposal of surplus assets requires some sort of Labour, Transport and Logistics to move them from where they are located to their destination; either for redistribution, resale, recycle or landfill. We can provide comprehensive options and pricing for any situation.

    Asset Mapping and Condition reports

    Our Asset Mapping service provides decision makers with detailed information about their companies assets and is used to identify asset and its condition. The process involves physically inventorying assets and loading the information into our asset register system. There is a range of detail that can be obtained including asset location, description, images, condition, and value.

    • This may be required before a relocation project so as to identify assets to be retained for reuse or liquidated.
    • It may be for the purpose of conducting an assets register and condition report in order to sub-let tenancy space.


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