Height Adjustable Workstations | Does Your Office Need Them?

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    Height adjustable workstations or (sit stand workstations) allow you to sit, stand, or lean while working in an office. Well built sit stand workstations are all encompassing. That is, they facilitate every position from fully sitting to fully standing. There are two types of sit stand workstations:

    • Built in sit stand workstations have a chair connected to the worktop that adjusts in unison with the work top.
    • Stand alone units come separately. The desks are height adjustable. You have the option of buying an ergonomic chair that will suit your specific needs or simply stand while you work.

    Height adjustable workstations are becoming ever popular. Twenty years ago, they were temporary ergonomic installments that helped you get back to work faster following an injury. Height adjustable workstations are now considered an important part of many office workstation setups. They are used not only for the injured or special needs, but as a preventative health measure for the everyday office worker.

    Is a Height Adjustable Workstation Right for Me Though?

    If you currently have back problems or other injuries, sit stand desks are definitely worth considering. Before rushing out to buy one though, it is worth consulting an ergonomic professional to find the best solution for your specific needs. If you are currently healthy, sit stand workstations are now widely regarded as a worthwhile preventative health measure. This doesn’t mean that you need to stand for eight hours a day at work, but having the option to stand or lean some of the time can be advantageous.

    Should I Consider Sit Stand Workstations For My Fitout

    If you are in the process of fitting out a new office, it is worthwhile considering height adjustable workstations. Some office staff will require them, some won’t need them but will use them, and others won’t use them at all. Having the option though, is beneficial to the health of your staff in the long run. Although height adjustable workstations cost more than a regular fitout, you will likely save money in the long term from having a healthy and productive workforce.

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