Corporate removals

The business of moving

Boxes and Packaging

  • We provide a full range of boxes and packaging for purchase that you may require for your relocation. We can deliver at a time convenient to you:

    Materials we have for sale:

    – Packing for kitchens and delicate items
    – Archive boxes
    – Additional tape, labels and marker pens
    – A Wide range of boxes


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  • Guilherme Obrownick

    Great team.
    Very mindful with the items and fast workers.

  • Anthony Flood

    Professional & Efficient .
    Great to deal with .
    One of the great places to source .
    modern commercial upcycled high level architect & designer including big name manufacturers of current useful general office & high level executive furniture including workstations .

  • Erz Imam

    My go to place for the past 6 years. Wide range of high quality second hand office furniture - chairs, desks, mobile pedestals. You name it. Egans have it.

  • Christina Ellis

    My husband and I bought a great quality couch at a mere fraction of the original price. I don't believe we would have found a better deal anywhere else!

  • Brendo G

    Lost my belongings in an office move.

    Edit : you guys followed up and found it. Thank you.