Asset disposal

Environmental Asset Disposal

  • Our objectives

    – provide sustainable solutions for the disposal of FF&E to Australian businesses.
    – influence business to make sustainable FF&E product purchasing decisions.
    – influence the manufacturing process to produce more sustainable products.
    – Maximise Landfill Avoidance for FF&E

    The Wise Office Furniture Program has been developed to minimise the environmental impact and maximise the financial return for businesses replacing commercial office building assets. We apply a Retail, Wholesale, Recycle, and Report methodology to all assets handled by the program, enabling a very high degree of landfill avoidance.


  • Each project is different and therefore we tailor solutions to the situation and priorities of individual customers and their stakeholders. Once assets have been identified for sale we determine the best method of disposal for each. This process takes into account current market conditions, costs, timing, value, volume, location, environment, construction site compliance, security and privacy, client and other stakeholder priorities.

    Asset sales not only provide a financial return but also extend their useful life of assets, diverting them from landfill and reducing the need for new products. With Australia’s largest range of sale options and over 25 years experience in commercial FF&E Wholesale and Retail markets, Egans has the expertise to value assets and assess business situations delivering the best outcomes for vendors.

    Assets with no commercial sale value are dismantled and Recycled via our split waste recycle process. The process breaks down assets into their material resource components and distributes them to a network of recyclers to be used in new products. Landfill avoidance reports record all materials, their weights and distribution destinations for provision to the customer.

    Data is collected at every stage enabling detailed analysis of the recyclability of commercial products. In other words, Egans can now independently determine which manufacturers and which products are most environmentally sustainable.